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The roller is an agricultural tool used for flattening land or breaking up large clumps of soil,

Flatter land makes subsequent weed control and harvesting easier, and rolling can help to reduce moisture loss from cultivated soil. Rolling levels the land for mowing and compacts the soil surface.

Siromer rollers have a strong robust construction with 600mm diameter roller and 6mm wall thickness, robust bearings and 80mm box section frame. All drums are air tested and can be filled for extra weight. If being filled with water make sure they are drained before winter or that there is an adequate antifreeze solution to prevent freezing. Ideal for hobby farming, parkland, sports pitches, horse ménages, horticultural use etc.

Available in 5ft or 6ft widths.



Harrowing should be carried out as part of any pasture management programme, in the spring preferably after grazing in conjunction with rolling and before any fertilizer application. Chain harrows were originally designed to work behind horses and it is best done at walking pace (between 3 and 4 mph) which was the average working speed of a horse. Harrowing removes dead thatch lifts vegetation up and levels any mole hills. Its job is to allow air movement and root aeration which helps the soil to breathe and improves water infiltration. It reduces disease by exposing fungi and bacteria to sunlight which is essential for the health of the pasture. Timing is critical and ideally harrowing should be undertaken in dry, warm conditions, as this allows the harrowed droppings to dry out and kill any parasites. Chain harrows can also be used in arable conditions for seed bed preparation and covering seed after drilling. When used on sports fields they are very effective at removing and spreading worm casts and ripping out moss. Chain harrows can be used for levelling all weather race tracks and indoor or outdoor jumping arenas and manages.

Available as a drag chain harrow or a framed chain harrow, width 2m. made from the highest quality steel with no parts to oil, grease or adjust, maintenance free.



If you’re after a good all round mower, you can’t go far wrong than by choosing a flail mower. This can do the job of a topper with more versatility. Like a topper it will cut long grass and woody material, but it’s also suitable for short grass such as lawns leaving a good finish if used regularly. A flail mower leaves the grass cuttings short which soon mulch down and provide a great natural fertiliser. A flail mower can handle rough, uneven ground and they’re highly manoeuvrable in tight spaces. As they are more compact than the topper mower, they’re also easier to store in between cuts.

The flail mower gets its name from the use of flails attached to its horizontal rotor. The rows of flails are staggered to provide a complete cut. The rotor is parallel to the axle of the tractor. As the rotor rotates, centrifugal force pushes the flails outward. If a flail strikes an immovable object, it simply bounces off. Siromer flail mower rotors are electronically balanced. Flail mowers cut the grass very finely and then roll it into the ground. The Siromer light duty flail mowers use a Y flail and the heavy duty mowers use a hammer flail. The Y blades are more of a knife and less of a mulcher and they leave a very clean cut and a much tidier looking finishing. Hammer flails are much wider and heavier and can cut much thicker material. The Siromer heavy duty flail mowers are also fitted with a belt tensioner and opening back. The opening back allows the grass to be evenly distributed and prevents it from clogging up inside the mower. The cutting height can be set by adjusting the skids and the roller. Siromer flail mowers are semi-offset and the heavy duty flail mowers over 1.45m have hydraulic side shift. The hydraulic side shift mowers require a double acting spool valve on the tractor to operate the side shift. These mowers can be moved 6 inches left or right, ideal for mowing close to hedges and around trees.​

Flail Mower


A powerful reversible flail mulcher designed for front or rear mounting capable of pulverising 40mm thick material. Ideal for mulching grass, bracken, brambles and any other overgrown vegetation, the implement can function in both directions of PTO rotation. It boasts a robust steel frame and an electronically balanced rotor mounted on fully enclosed, self-aligning bearings. The belt transmission is driven by an oil bath bevel gearbox with freewheel and the rotor benefits from a helical arrangement of blades to evenly distribute the workload.


Siromer’s verge mower is ideal for cutting verges, orchards, grass and can be used for light hedge maintenance.
Featuring hydraulic offsetting, this robust flail mower can be extended or retracted easily from the tractor.
The mower can be angled to suit the job in hand, from vertical to 60 degrees below horizontal, used for cutting ditches, verges, between trees and under hedgerows.

Dual double acting spools are required to operate the hydraulics. 
The Siromer verge mowers are fitted with heavy duty flail hammers and rear roller. Their compact size allow the flail mower to be used on smooth lawns, uneven verges and through narrow access. Comes with PTO shaft.

Verge Mower


The topper mower is the classic Farmers mower. They have been used for many years to do as the name suggests - take the “Top” grass off only. They are ideal for cutting pasture after grazing as they will remove quickly the ungrazed grass and weeds. Toppers can cut long grass, brambles, nettles, docks  etc. They are robust and can be used in the higher gear ranges on a tractor.  Good topping will control weeds by cutting off the growing tips of weeds and the seed heads.  Topping grass will also stimulate good re-growth and will ensure more fleshy leaves and increased grazing. The cuttings are longer than a flail or finishing mower and the grass is usually thrown against the the skids of the machine leaving rows of cuttings rather than scattering.


Siromer 4ft, 5ft and 6ft toppers have a galvanised body with a single steel blade carrier with two high performance swinging blades which are replaceable. Cut height has 4 settings and is controlled by skids which can be raised or lowered as needed. These toppers can be used inline or semi offset by adjusting the headstock.

The Siromer 9ft topper is painted and has two steel blade carriers with two high performance swinging blades per carrier. Cut height is controlled by skids and adjustable twin supporting wheels. 


Siromer toppers are supplied with a PTO shaft with shear bolt protection which requires a 540 PTO drive.



Finishing mowers use a three blade design, the centre of each blade is fixed to the mower rotating on the blade spindle/hub assembly. Perfect for use on lawns and sports pitches, can also be used in well-maintained paddocks or pasture which has recently been topped. Height adjustable using the wheel spacers, finishing mowers give a very fine and close to the ground cut

Siromer finishing mowers are rear discharge with an adjustable cutting height of 1-4” and a floating top link to allow for undulating ground. Heavy duty chains are standard. All have 4 self-aligning solid wheels for an even cut complete with cat 1 lift pins and pto shaft. Siromer finishing mowers have a unique easy greasing system allowing you to grease the bearings without having to remove the guards and with a galvanised deck these mowers will last you a lifetime. A cheaper non-galvanised option is available in some of the sizes.
Mulching Kit Optional extra on 4ft, 5ft and 6ft models.


Siromer's ATV Mower is robust and heavy duty perfect for cutting pasture and paddock areas, ideal for regular maintenance, giving a high quality cutting finish.

Siromer ATV mowers have an electric and pull start, fitted with y flail blades, the wheels and linkage are adjustable to change the cutting height. The mower has an independent petrol engine with tow ball hitch for pulling behind an ATV. The wheels can be set behind or in line with the mower. 

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